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      ͧΧ ⵹ ôѡ Thong Heng Stone Product Co., Ltd. (THSP) produces quality granite, marble and sandstone products for all aspects of stone construction. We have provided natural stone material to both big and small projects from government offices, public buildings and shopping malls to private houses. We offer value-for-money and quality natural stone for exterior and interior decor, flooring, moulding, etc.

      We ensure our customers with high quality products along with sincere follow up services. Our product range has been sourcing from the best location Italy, Spain, India, Brazil, Norway, Turkey, Egypt and local granite in Thailand as well as from our own quarry in China. We have invested in the technology and high-tech machinery to process our granite marble and sandstone blocks making them into various sizes and finishing to suit market needs.

      We have various types of marble and granite blocks and all polished slabs. We have 7,200 sq.m. of stock yard to store all of 80 types of stone.

      Our aim is to offer high quality stone products, competitive prices and a team of professional to assist you to control quality products.


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